Environmental Perspectives #3

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Date: September 27th, 2012

Time: 1:40

Water temperature: 18 degrees Celsius

Air Temperature: 71.4 degrees Fahrenheit

Humidity: 66%

Air Pressure: 784.4 mmHg

mostly cloudy

Animal Observations: There was a lot of marvel on the small rocks. They were very tiny and pretty difficult to see but you could see them. There were many birds flying around too.

Plant Observations: There were many plants on the parallel areas to the river, the riparian region. A lot of the cat’s tail was there.

General Observations: I swear I saw a fish splash….. Noone else saw it but I saw it.

Other Observations: I couldn’t go in the water but just from touching the rock I could feel the cool rush of water.


We could clearly see the role that the rocks in the path play. It allows the water to splash and allows air to go into the water. The water turns white because of the air


There is a bird in the picture below.


– The importance of increasing our boundaries –

We need to explore the world. The only way to truly live is to be strong and explore the ends of your own boundaries. Personally, I am not afraid of water but I am afraid of dirty water. I am afraid of the small Tancheon that I live right in front of. A couple years ago for an AP Biology research project I had examined the water near Joongang Park and found a lot of weird animals living in the water. The water was after a large rainfall and was dirty. It was simply not sanitary, not good enough to walk in.

And although I wasn’t able to go in to the water during this environmental perspective day, I am sure that the other students had the same ideas as I had. Korean water and rivers are not known for their cleanliness due to factors that we are unaware of mostly factories and litter. But the fact that every single person entered the water really surprises me. It must have been a hard decision. A hard fight against our own minds to go into this water. With all the small water creatures (marvel) floating around.


The days before the typhoon

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Friday: AM 9:00
– 18.3 celsius
– 1014 hPa
Friday PM 9:00
– 18.5
– 1012.9 hPa
Saturday AM
– 17.3
Saturday PM
– 17,5
Sunday – AM
– 22.2C
– 1018hPa
Sunday – PM
– 20.6
– 1013hPa
Monday- AM
– 17.9
– 1002 hPa
Monday- PM
– 17.8


Environmental Perspective #2

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10:40 AM

Temperature: 79.3 degrees Farenheit
partly cloudy
Humidity: 72%
Atmospheric Pressure: 760.9 mm Hg

– Ghandi

It is essential that we understand what others are going through. Not just the people today on the other side of the world but the future.
Our actions right now may not be much to the people who are living now but it will make a life’s difference for the future, our children and our grandchildren.
So what is living simply?
Save what you can save, don’t waste what we have.
It is a fact that one seventh of the population is starving today. But we waste so much food, if we don’t want to eat it, it goes in the trash and so forth.
But just by saving that much food, someone out there might get that food.

So there are some ways that I know I should live and am consciously thinking about.
The first being smart consumption. Think about what you are buying. Starbucks Coffee is charging you more than 500 percent more than what it cost Starbucks to buy the cocoa beans from the people who grown them.
The most pressing issue today is reducing our carbon footprint. Some researchers say that in the way that we are heading, our earth will be over in less than 40 years. We need to reduce our carbon footprint for our children, and hopefully our grandchildren. Reducing our carbon footprint can be done by small tasks in our everyday life. Using public transportation instead of your own car. Using a refillable water bottle instead of buying bottled water at the store every time. Turning off the air when it isn’t needed.
Our small actions will make a better world for those who want to simply live.

Environmental Perspective 1

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Temperature 30 degrees Celsius.

Scattered Clouds

Atmospheric pressure: 10165 kPa

Humidity 62%

Theme: Human Impact

Connecting with nature was not the happiest experience today. The bugs, the humidity, the sound of the cicada. The smaller bugs around my nose and around my eyelashes. The odd mushy feeling on my flip-flops as I walked up the mountain. But when I got to the top and breathed in the cleaner air. It didn’t get any better. The humidity didn’t allow us to get that fresh air and there was no beautiful scenery to look at. As we all looked among Bundang, we realize that 20 years ago, these tall buildings weren’t here. Instead we could see mountains and bear group with crops. What happened? The place where our school stands today was most likely mountain too. Back then people were probably not afraid of the insects or the mushy ground. But looking at how I was hostile toward the environment saddens me.
The environment does so much for us but all we can do is keep taking and making the land we can live on bigger. In the next 50 years, the mountain I looked upon will probably be another building. That is the reality of human impact as it is today.

The rain falls on us as we walk in :(


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Have you been through the crazy process of studying for AP Biology and Sat2 Biology yet? Well I have just finished that process, I am waiting for my results and I am super duper excited!So I decided to leave you guys out there a few tips on how I studied, which books were good which helped the most and on and on.

Ok so the AP Biology Test is in May, right? Honestly, Ap BIology is about cramming, although you should start studying from the beginning of the year, you shoudl really be understanding the concept during that time, the real memorization begins one week before your exam. So, throughout the year have your thick Campbell textbook ready to look for refrence!

But go chapter by chapter through the Barrons AP BIOLOGY!

Honestly, I would say that the Cliff Notes study plan is much better! But Cliff Notes will be needed dearly when you are doing last minute cramming!

You should solve ALL practice tests in these books as well as the practice tests given on the college board site for AP Biology! You should average at least 2000 to 3000 questions solved!

However, this year we had more ecology than what should be on the test! Please remember to look over ecology, for it isn’t teached much in detail in school!

Then comes the time for SAT2 Biology, I would advise you to take both the May and the June one!!!!!!! The May one could be easier and you would be done with all of Biology by the second week of May. BUT! just in case your results are not good you should register for the June one as well!

I would reccomend solving around 2000 questions for this too. First sovle the questions released by college board because questions are reused on SAT! Then solve Barrons, Princeton Reivew, and Kaplan! YOu will need all the practice you need :)



KIS National Honor Society 2011

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National Honor Society is a highly selective club that you must be selected in through scholarship, service, leadership, and character. This is the officer group of 2010-2011 and the officer group of 2011-2012 :)
I am the vice president of 2011-2012, holding the white .. fox?

So the reason I decided to write this post is because this club means a lot to me. I really cannot believe the year is over and our former officers will be leaving us :( Will the new officer group be able to do as well as this group has done for us?

But I also want to share what we have achieved this year through these officers!

We have won the Outstanding Project Award that is awarded to only 6 NHS’s around the world out of 23,000 clubs. It is truly amazing and it could not been have done with our very own president :) This award has allowed us to attend a conference taking place in St. Louis called the Stars Leader Conference, where will be able to meet other leaders around the world. This award was won through our project called ‘Kistival.’

Our projects include helping out within the school and organizing concerts to raise money for our specific causes. The largest out of school project for us was:

FAMINE 24 – a porject that was started by World Vision. I am the leader of this group and have set a goal to raise 10 million won to build a water pump in Vietnam. We have recently reached our goal and I am proud to say that our school has raised the 10 million won. A water pump, maybe two, will be built with our name on it in Vietnam :)

If you would like to know more about us visit our wikisapce at http://www.kisnhs.phoenix.wikisapces.net


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This place is located on the Han River, the view outside is just absolutely stunning .You could see the north side of the Han River and its many lights. If your lucky, you could see the brightest ferries go by a couple of feets from you.

Although it rained on Prom Night.. the weather wasn’t tooo cold and it was perfect for the night. Although it was a bit humid, the weather could have been worse.

BUT it is what we, girls, do before PROM! from the week before to the night before and to the morning and evening before. For every girls this is very important!!!!!!!

So we start by scrambling thorough millions and millions of dresses to find the perfect one !!!!!And then comes what shoes to wear, what jewelry to wear, what makeup to put on, what to do with my hair, what d do with everything, how to act, EVERYTHING!! So I started the friday before with choosing a dress!

After 5 hours of gruesome pain from my hair and a tiring few hours with makeup. I was finally ready!

and the corsage was perfect :) flower matching my dress and the string that matched my purse :)

Anyway!!!SO here are some photos from PROM :)


Thank You :)

swim team!

Amazing Prom :)